I don’t know my dear
If this is a dream
What year it is and what day,
I don’t know my dear,
If I am yours or

If you are my dream  . . .

–from the movie Underground (1995)

Life on the other side of the wall!

Apart from natural sciences, I am interested in literature, theater, music, painting, movies, and philosophy—art. Here I may post these sort of themes, each and every one of which have highly influenced human beings, especially from the Renaissance onwards.

This is `the’ question: Why are there beings at all, instead of nothing?  -Heidegger

To me have been influential …

novel: The Blind Owl (Sadegh Hedayat)
play: Waiting for Godot (Samuel Beckett)
painting: Picasso’s blue era
poem: At five in the afternoon (Lorca)
music: Symphonic Poems (Franz Liszt)
movie: The Decalogue (Krzysztof Kieslowski)

Blue is the wormest colour!

Blue is the warmest colour,
as is


I also pen short stories and poems as well as translating a piece, if it interests me, now and then (all in Persian though, and do not expect much!). I undertake to put some of them here; behold some.

  1.  سفارت اسپانیا
  2. برای وحید
  3. پرده‌ای از یک نمایشنامه‌ی گم‌شده
  4. طبقه‌ی متوسط
  5. پاریس
  6. سگدو
  7. ترجمه‌ی شعری از کنستانتین سیمونوف منتظرم باش
  8. ترجمه‌یِ شعری از پائول آنتوکُلسکی سدایم مکن
  9. ترجمه‌ی شعری از لورکا بنگر رقصم را
  10. تنهائی پرهیاهو
  11. ….

And . . . literature . . . I would like to post excerpts from some books (I am a copycat! I copied this idea from Vahid Karimipour). 

  1. سیمرغ بلورین
  2. کِلیدر
  3. خانم ها آقایان، بفرمایید اتاق گاز
  4. تماشاچی محکوم به اعدام
  5. Eveline (A short story by James Joyce)
  6. دن آرام
  7. Bartleby, The Scrivener (A short story by Herman Melville)
  8. ….