‘Contrast and contradiction — that is our harmony.’ W. Kandinsky  

  Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK
  Department of Computer Science, University of York, York, UK
  School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK
  The Project CiViQ (Continuous Variable Quantum Communications)
  The UK Quantum Communications Hub
  The UK White Rose University Consortium
  Quantum Information Team at Telecom Paris, Paris, France
  QIS@SUT (Quantum Information Science @ Sharif Univ. of Tech.), Tehran, Iran
  IICQI (International Iran Conferences on Quantum Information)

Below you’ll find some links and references about different issues on (quantum) information theory and  optics.

  Lectures on Quantum Computation by David Deutsch: A glamorous series of six video lectures as an introduction to the quantum computation theory by Prof. D. Deutsch (downloadable).
Information Processing and Thermodynamic Entropy: A useful page to get familiar with the relation between quantum information and thermodynamics; hence, the field of Quantum Thermodynamics.
 The Information Philosopher: This page provides you with quite a bit of people, either scientists or philosophers, who have discussed `infromation’.
  Kwiat Quantum Information Group: An excellent page to (quickly) get to know about quantum information in the viewpoint of quantum optics.
  How to become a GOOD Theoretical Physicist: “This is a page for ambitious people, who are (like me) determined to use their brains to discover new things about the physical world that we are living in.” –Gerard Hooft.
  Open Problems in Quantum Information
  Interaction-free Measurement: How to detect the position/state of an object without having interaction with it. You can also see Elitzur-Vaidman thought experiment.