Advances in quantum cryptography

Advances in quantum cryptography have been so fast that it did require another extensive review not even two decades after the Gisin, et al., paper in 2002 [RMP 74 (2002) 145]. Pirandola, et al., hence, supplied avid readers of QKD with such an essential review; for the arXiv version click here.

Is He Dead?!

“In quantum theory there is no place for nonlocality. It has to be get rid of quantum physics.”, says Andrei Khrennikov. Click here.

A new textbook on quantum communications

IOP publishing group has released a new book on quantum communications titled An Introduction to Quantum Communications Networks: Or, how shall we communicate in the quantum era? by Mohsen Razavi at University of Leeds.

Abstract. This book fills a gap between experts and non-experts in the field by providing readers with the basic tools to understand the latest developments in quantum communications and its future directions. With the fast pace of developments in quantum technologies, it is more necessary than ever to make the new generation of students in science/engineering familiar with the key ideas behind such disruptive systems. This book describes key applications for quantum networks; local, metropolitan, and global networks; and the industrial outlook for the field.


Just learnt about an interesting article by a friend. Find cool stuff addressing the Maxwell’s demon, Zilard engine, Landauer’s principle and their experimental realizations in Physics Today. You’ll also find out more fascinating stuff: information values that are tightly connected to entropy and energy; what I call ‘inforogy’!

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